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  • Arches Paper Blocks, Pads, Sheet

  • Art Creation Watercolor sets by Royal Talens

  • Beam Paints

  • Cotman Watercolor in tubes

  • Waterbrushes 

  • Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor tubes

  • Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Travel set

  • Empty Half Pans & Empty Travel Cases

  • Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box sets & refills

  • M. Graham & Co. Artists’ Watercolor in tubes

  • Royal and Langnickel Essentials Watercolor sets



  • Art Creation Gouache sets by Royal Talens

  • Liquitex Acrylic Gouache

  • M. Graham & Co. Artists’ Gouache in tubes

  • Royal and Langnickel Essentials Gouache sets

  • Royal Talens Extra Fine Quality Gouache in tubes



  • Montana Gold, White, Black, Metallic, Primer,

  • Night Glow, Granit

  • Montana Green Caps sold individually - Levels 1-6

  • Krylon Paint: Magnetic, Dry Erase, Chalkboard, Stone Texture, Glitter, ColorMaster, Glow in the Dark





  • Amsterdam Acrylic by Royal Talens in tubes

  • Angelus Leather Paint

  • Art Alternatives Acrylic Paint sets

  • Art Creation Acrylic sets by Royal Talens

  • Golden Heavy Body, Fluid, Open, Gels & Mediums

  • Liquitex Basics in tubes

  • Liquitex Heavy Body, Soft Body, Gels & Mediums

  • Royal and Langnickel Essentials Acrylic sets



  • Art Creation Oil sets by Royal Talens

  • Royal and Langnickel Essentials Oil sets

  • Gamblin Artist Oil in tubes, mediums

  • Gamblin 1980 in tubes

  • Winsor & Newton painting mediums

  • Winton Oil Colour in tubes

  • Walnut, Linseed Oils, Dammar Varnish, Stand Oil, etc.

We’re really excited about these gorgeou



  • Painting and Palette Knives

  • Palettes

  • Color Wheel



  • Aqua Elite by Princeton: Finest Synthetic Kolinsky (better than Natural Kolinsky) for Watercolor

  • Ashley by Princeton

  • Aspen by Princeton

  • Dakota by Princeton: Synthetic Hog Bristle for Oil & Acrylic

  • Imperial by Princeton: Synthetic Mongoose for Oil & Acrylic has soft yet slightly firm bristles for subtle oil and acrylic painting. Excellent for glazing techniques.

  • Lauren by Princeton

  • Neptune by Princeton: Synthetic Squirrel for Watercolor, Ink, & water-based media. Very soft bristles that draw up and hold an amazing amount of water

  • Heritage by Princeton Brush: Best Synthetic Sable for Watercolor, Ink & Fluid Acrylic

  • Refine by Princeton

  • Select by Princeton: A fantastic array of uncommon synthetic shapes + detail brushes for all media

  • Summit by Princeton

  • SNAP! by Princeton: for acrylic, watercolor, & oil

  • Velvetouch by Princeton: 

  • Royal Soft Grip short & long handle brushes

  • Over-sized brushes by Daler Rowney (at fantastic prices)

  • Princeton Real Value Brush sets

  • Chip & Black Bristle

  • Foam Brushes

  • Artist Sponges

  • Assorted brush packs



  • Art Alternatives Canvases - HUGE range of sizes! From 4x4 to 40x80 and so many in between!

  • Art Alternatives Canvas Panels

  • Art Alternatives mdf Panels

  • Art Alternatives Flat Wooden Panels

  • Canvas Paper Pads

  • Ampersand Hardbord

  • Ampersand Gessobord

  • Rolls of Canvas- unprimed cotton duck

  • Stretcher bars: from 6”-52+”

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