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  • Mask-Ease

  • Golden Silkscreen Medium

  • Screen Printing Frame

  • Squeegees (various sizes)

  • Speedball Acrylic Ink, Extender Base, Transparent Extender Base

  • Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink

  • Speedball Photo Emulsion + Sensitizer

  • Photo Emulsion Remover

  • Speedball Diazo Light Kit


  • Speedball Oil Based Inks

  • Speedball Water-soluble Inks

  • Speedball Fabric Block Printing Inks

  • Golden OPEN Acrylic Paints (excellent water-based paint used as an ink)

  • Speedy-Cut, Speedy-Cut Easy, Speedy Carve Rubber Carving Blocks

  • Moo Carve Carving Blocks

  • Linoleum blocks

  • Unmounted Linoleum

  • Linoleum carving tools

  • Speedball Gel Printing Plates

  • Etegami Rubber Stamp-making kit

  • Various Brayers, Baren

  • Wood-carving tools


  • Strathmore Printmaking Pads

  • Arches Cover Papers

  • Rives BFK Papers

  • Canson Edition Papers

  • Stonehenge Printmaking Papers

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