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We're sending our flags over to our friends at Ladyfingers Letterpress, a queer-owned business that we carry things from, and one that we admire very much. They are located in Colorado Springs, and following the Club Q shooting they are out of their progress flags and lots of people in the community want them. We and many others are sending our flags to Ladyfingers Letterpress to be distributed among the community to show support during this horrific time.


If you'd like to help and purchase a flag to send over we will be sending all of ours that we have in stock, and any extra money will be sent directly to the fund to support Club Q families and survivors. It's not cool to make money because of a tragedy, so we want to be clear that including wholesale price and shipping, all the money will benefit the family fund.


Here is the link to the go fund me if you want to directly donate:

Colorado Springs Wrap Us in Rainbows Flag

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